The Green Smoothie Bible

The Green Smoothie Bible
20 Delicious Recipes To Detox Your Body!
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20 Delicious Recipes To Detox Your Body!

You may have tried various dieting programs in the past. Here is one that has actually helped people to reduce weight and stay healthy. It is the green diet! Green is the color that everyone swears by these days. The “Go green “campaign is gaining momentum in every part of the civilized world.
This book is all about the green diet and how you can make it more interesting and tastier. I have put together recipes that blend fruits with greens and make wonderfully tasting smoothies. All these smoothies are easy to make and you can gulp it down before you set out for office or carry it with you to be had later. Blending of fruits and vegetables give you the benefit of a full meal. All you need to make these is a blender. Fall in love with your blender and relish these delectable smoothies that are wonderfully nutritious too.

Recipes Included Inside…

  • Recipe #1: Acai with Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie
  • Recipe #2: Papaya Apple Smoothie
  • Recipe #3: Apple Cider Smoothie
  • Recipe #4: Pumpkin Spiced Latte Green Smoothie
  • Recipe #5: Watermelon –Banana Smoothie
  • Recipe #6: Coconut Grapefruit Green Smoothie with Kale
  • Recipe #7: Cherry-Apple-Beet Green Smoothie
  • Recipe #8: Cranberry Plum Green Smoothie
  • Recipe #9: Cantaloupe-Mango-Cinnamon-Fig Smoothie
  • Recipe #10: Pomegranate with Berries Smoothie
  • Recipe #11: Orange Pear Green Smoothie with Dill
  • Recipe #12: Peach Nectarine Smoothie
  • Recipe #13: Morning Energy Smoothie with Kiwi, Banana and Cacao
  • Recipe #14: Sweet Potato-Orange Green Smoothie with Papaya
  • Recipe #15: Applecado Smoothie
  • Recipe #16: Banana-Orange Smoothie with Cinnamon
  • Recipe #17: Pineapple Vanilla Smoothie
  • Recipe #18: Carrot Apple Ginger Green Smoothie
  • Recipe #19: Blackberry Almond with Chia Smoothie Recipe
  • Recipe #20: Mango-Coconut-Lime-Green Smoothie with Kale


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